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Top Luxury Niche Publications for High Net Worth Individuals

The internet has become the most accessible medium of information ever. We rely on it for almost everything from news to social media, education to commerce. However, it has also become a highly crowded marketplace, leaving you little opportunity to stand out, be noticed, or build lasting relationships.

Luckily, there are still a handful of luxury niche publications dedicated to high net and ultra-high net audiences, helping to give advertisers a platform to connect with potential new customers with considerable disposable income.  Most of these publications are branded and created for one purpose, to replicate in print the lifestyle of a particular brand user while at the same time, helping the brand connect with their customer base.  Along the way, a hand picked number of outside advertisers are given the opportunity to come along for the ride.

Some critics in the past have said that customer magazines are worthless because they are not subscribed to and are subsequently thrown away when received.  Nothing could be further from the truth and in fact the opposite is true.  Brands like BMW, Rolex, Brioni, and many others have legions of loyal customers for life and share a significant bond.  And when the brands communicate with them by mail with collateral, be it a promotion or the customer magazine, that's a significant moment of bonding that's irreplaceable.

With that said, here are a handful of publications that check all boxes for style, substance, audience, and, most importantly, ROI - 


The official customer magazine sent by Porsche Cars to all its new owners 4X a year - 600,000 in total, 200,000 in the US alone.  By no means a pom-pom puff piece for the Porsche mystique, but more a classy sneak peek into the day-to-day life of one of the world's most discerning consumers.  Bar none, the best response of any of the luxury auto customer publications.


Like Porsche, The Official Ferrari Magazine is a glossy tribute to its clientele with articles that would typically resonate with a Ferrari owner or an owner of multiple Ferraris. In other words, very, very wealthy people. As you can imagine, the global footprint is much smaller as it takes a much higher net worth individual to afford a new Ferrari. But 50,000 Ferrari owners is an undeniably impressive aggregate of consumers that represents a lifetime of loyal patronage for a luxury brand.


Arguably the most prestigious of the branded luxury auto customer publications, Bentley magazine has a balance of Bentley product and luxury lifestyle stories, written by top journalists, and they only accept new advertisers who align with Bentley's luxury principles.  Only nine luxury brands per issue are allowed access to this vaunted readership.


Aston Martin is one of England's most iconic automakers with an unmistakable pedigree.  Above and beyond the James Bond connection, they have a number of models they're known for and a rabid fan base.  Their eponymous lifestyle magazine is sent to knew owners 3X a year and is filled with articles that chronicle what the life of a typical Aston owner is like.


Those in the business are well aware of American Express' Departures Magazine, or knew it before it abruptly stopped publishing a year ago.  But few know there's another option.  Like the auto owners publications, Luxury Magazine is not available at Barnes & Noble, but only to Mastercard's Black and Gold card holders and members.  The magazine is a 200+page masterpiece sent to a heavyweight audience with an average income of $750,000, fully measured by Barclay's Bank.


There are a handful of luxury lifestyle magazines that target high net and ultra-high net worth private jet travelers, but Elite Traveler is the belle of the ball.  Beautifully produced with a bonafide distribution at all the major FBO's here in the US and internationally, the average reader makes around a million a year.

There are a number of mainstream publications that target wealthy consumers like Robb Report, WSJ Magazine, etc., and we have plenty of clients with successful campaigns running in them. But the old industry sentiment that direct mailed, branded publications don't work is simply not true. Aligning your product or service with a comparable brand is a sound marketing strategy and will deliver a robust return on investment.

Since 2000, the hallmark of Luxe Communications has been to deliver exceptional value and unparalleled return on investment for our clients' marketing needs. For more information, visit: Or email me at

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