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  • Hugh Malone

There's No Debate, Just Delegate!

Are you the sort of person who struggles to get any work done? Do you often find yourself doing the same tasks over and over again, which really adds up? If this is the case, then it might be time to consider delegating your workload to someone else. In this post, we’ll cover why delegating many of your daily tasks is the easiest, most sensible way to improve business efficiency, and even your own self-preservation.

When it comes to business and efficiency, there should be NO DEBATE. If you don't have the skills or resources to do a job, then delegate it to someone else who can do it better or more efficiently.

If you're not good at something, find someone who is and hand it over. It's not your job to be good at everything.

As an entrepreneur, if you can learn how to delegate work to others, you will see your business grow and prosper exponentially. You will be able to spend more time doing what you need to do and, dare i say, love to do! As they say, starve your distractions and feed your focus.

At my company, when we were first starting out with our business, we were constantly going through the process of hiring people to do work for us. I remember the first person I hired was an individual who had no background in marketing. We spent 6 months trying to figure out what he was doing wrong. But after a lot of trial and error and learning, he became an absolute rock star at the business. It was an amazing and profound process to witness this evolution.

On a personal level, it's easier to delegate than it is to manage yourself. Managers who delegate effectively get things done and are far more efficient with their work load than those who don't. The right manager can save copious amounts of time, reduce bucket loads of anxiety-inducing stress, and increase productivity by epic proportions - all by delegating. "If you want it done right, do it yourself" is nothing but an archaic mantra of the past and serves no purpose in today's kinetic workplace. "Don't be afraid to share the load" is more apropos.

With this is in mind, here are a 5 pointers that can help you shape your time management and your overall business approach...

Top Tips for Delegating Better

1. Don't be scared to delegate. Let someone else do it. You have better things to do with your time than spend it trying to get others to do your work.

2. It's about time. Your time is much more valuable than the money you will make as a result of hiring other people to work for you. Don't waste your time in a race to the bottom. Let others do the work for you.

3. Share the load. When you delegate work to someone, it is an opportunity to share ownership and responsibility with them. This creates a win-win situation for both parties.

4. Feel the flex. Your work doesn't end when you walk out the door. Your work continues after you walk away. When you delegate, you give yourself permission to let go and give yourself the flexibility to attack other projects. You are free to focus on other tasks.

5. Understand your limitations. If you want to master your business, you must first learn to master yourself. Your business thrives when you become the expert. In turn, your employees will thrive when they are able to take advantage of your knowledge and expertise.

Delegating isn't easy, but it's one of the key things that can increase your productivity and save you time. By delegating you can take control of what matters most to your business and give yourself more free time to focus on your core strengths. A close cousin to to delegating is outsourcing and I will discuss the differences in an upcoming post.

Since 2000, the hallmark of Luxe Communications has been to deliver exceptional value and unparalleled return on investment for our clients' marketing needs. For more information, visit: Or email me at

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