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Delegating vs. Outsourcing

Updated: May 5, 2022

Some days it seems that no matter how hard we try, we can't get ahead of our schedules. There are always tasks that don't get completed, calls that don't get made, emails that don't get answered. However, what often appears to be a hopeless cyclone of redundancy, is anything but if you simply delegate and/or outsource your workload.

Delegating is the process of assigning one person or entity to carry out a specific task for someone else. In contrast, outsourcing is the practice of subcontracting a product or service for a certain amount of time.  As a result, leaders focus on their own strengths and delegate and/or outsource the rest.

Sadly, many professionals are somewhat reluctant to delegate and/or outsource. They tend to suspect how much easier their lives could be if they were to outsource or delegate tasks that require little or no knowledge on their part, but they resist the idea because they believe they'd be "losing control" or giving up some control over their destiny.  

In reality, the opposite is true. When you delegate a task effectively and to the right colleague, you gain more control than you ever thought possible. Moreover, when you properly leverage an outsourcing company, you can maximize efficiency with less effort.

That said, here are some ideas to consider when delegating and/or outsourcing -

When to Delegate

  • When you've come to the realization that your workload far exceeds your personal bandwidth.

  • When you've identified a team member/colleague(s) who has the experience to share your workload effectively.

  • When you've identified a team member/colleague(s) who may not have the necessary experience now, but you're confident will fulfill the assignment while learning and evolving in the process.

  • When your confident that the task or tasks you're delegating do not require you to babysit or micro manage your workers.

  • When you understand patience is a necessary ingredient. You might be tempted to refrain from delegating certain tasks knowing that you can get them done faster, but the patience you show with your employees will be paid back in spades. 

When/What to Outsource

  • Outsourcing Accounting, Bookkeeping, Fractional CFO

  • Outsourcing Marketing, Lead Generation, Copywriting

  • Outsourcing Facebook/Instagram, and all social media management

  • Outsourcing Human Resources

  • Outsourcing website creation & maintenance 

You'll find that delegating and outsourcing will open up a whole new world of personal peace and proficiency by freeing you up to do the things that matter most.  It will add more value to your business, increase the level of excellence in your products, services, and communication, and provide you a level of flexibility to pursue what you really want to accomplish in the workplace and in life.

Since 2000, the hallmark of Luxe Communications has been to deliver exceptional value and unparalleled return on investment for our clients' marketing needs. For more information, visit: Or email me at

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