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Exclusive Representation of the customer lifestyle magazines for Bentley, Ferrari, Aston Martin, & Porsche.

+ Luxe Communications is the leading luxury media agency for supercar owners +

+ Luxe Communications is the leading luxury media agency for supercar owners +

Unquestionably the world's most famous and prestigious automotive brand, Ferrari automobiles are the embodiment of cutting edge technology.  The Official Ferrari Magazine features groundbreaking articles and commentaries by high-profile writers on all matters of interest to Ferrari - reaching high net worth individuals, and people with a passion for excellence and beauty in every area of their lives.  

Published 3X a year globally

A high-octane mixture of style, performance, luxury and sophistication make Bentley Magazine a must-read publication for owners worldwide. Bentley Magazine readers have a wide range of interests and the means to pursue them, including travel, gastronomy, sport, hand-made timepieces and haute couture. The magazine reflects their unique attitude toward life and celebrates their relish for new experiences.


Published 3X a year globally

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The Official
Ferrari Magazine


Christophorus is the exclusive lifestyle magazine for 600,000 Porsche owners worldwide.  The topics covered in Christophorus revolve around the Porsche company, all its exciting products and services, as well as its history and its initiatives in the world of motor sports. Inside each issue, profiles of Porsche owners reveal the unique lifestyles of these hard to reach consumers.


Published 4X a year globally

US only edition published 4X a year

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Every Aston Martin is created with exceptional care and attention to detail, the perfect synthesis of classic, dynamic lines, modern technology, and pure power. Much like the car, Aston Martin Magazine possesses bold design. The magazine’s expansive features and stunning photography capture what is the Aston Martin lifestyle. The only way to reach the exceptional audience that is the Aston Martin driver is through Aston Martin Magazine. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Published 4X a year globally

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Porsche Christophorus Magazine

Aston Martin Magazine

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