Peter Christian Outfitters

Maxwell Alderton

Director of Marketing

“As a UK based company with international reach, our entry into the US market was inevitable, yet no less daunting.  I was referred to Luxe Communications, set up an intro call, and their team proceeded to roll out a media blueprint that implemented our vision and target perfectly.  Very quickly, we started to realize impressive results and began establishing a brand footprint into the American market.  As a result, over the last year and a half, Luxe has been indispensable in helping Peter Christian Outfitters grow exponentially on the whole, and with the US now being our biggest growth market.”


Parmigiani Fleurier

Gustavo Calzadilla

Managing Director - North America

"For the past 12 years, Luxe Communications has been

invaluable by helping our brands maximize their marketing budgets here inthe US and throughout Canada. With their recommendations and publisher relationships, we have been able to effectively reach the customers we seek while also supporting our retailer network.”

Regent Seven Seas

Melaine Diaz

Director of Marketing

"Over the last three years, our partnership has been an extremely positive endeavor, bringing our ships to the readers through beautiful advertising and exciting brochures, all with a positive return on investment."



Carolyn Duncan

Owner/CEO - ZClip

"Luxe went from one of the many media companies we worked with, to now our exclusive media firm, handling everything from our print, to digital, to social media ads.  Recently, Luxe has helped us transition from the changing times from strictly print to a current and comprehensive digital strategy that has maximized our budget and brought us new audiences and many new customers."